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The Email Sender and Provider Coalition is a cooperative group of industry leaders working to create solutions to the continued proliferation of spam and the emerging problem of deliverability. Our membership provides volume mail delivery services to an estimated 250,000 clients - representing the full breadth of the U.S. marketplace. The ESPC is currently working on solutions to spam and deliverability concerns through a combination of legislative advocacy, technological development, and industry standards.

ESPC Mission Statement - Our mission is to advocate on behalf of email senders, providers, and other digital marketers operating globally in the online, mobile and social media environments in favor of global laws and self regulatory efforts that balance consumer protection and business innovation, to educate our membership on current and emerging business and legal developments affecting our membership and to continue to develop and refine best practices that foster innovation, industry growth, and consumer trust.

The ESPC is comprised of four sub-committees:

Legislative - This committee guides our lobbying efforts on federal and state spam legislation. We provide direct advocacy before the FTC and Congress. For state issues, we have partnered with the Internet Alliance for monitoring and coordination. The geographic breadth of our group has allowed us to respond to many state spam statues directly, using members on the ground. This group meets weekly, with ad hoc meetings called from time to time to respond to state developments.

Recent Initiatives: Email Marketing Pledge

Receiver Relations - This committee was formed to help facilitate better understanding and ongoing dialogue between the sender community and the establish receiver community. The group is tasked with achieving email accountability that is consistent with Lumos principles, promotes best practices, and recognizes the importance of email to business communications. The group’s outputs will include in-depth analyses of specific reputation service provider solutions from a business and policy standpoint.

Recent work: Email Authentication Position Statement

Technology - This committee is evaluating and developing technological solutions that would allow more accurate responses to spam (and fewer false positives). A technical working group has been formed within this group to explore and propose such solutions. This group meets as needed, with in-person meetings scheduled occasionally. Click here to learn about Project Lumos, the flagship initiative of the technology committee.

Recent Initiatives: Project Lumos

Communications - This committee provides broad public affairs strategy for the Coalition. We have been actively working to highlight the consumer harm associated with false positives and filtering. This committee also provides guidance and support for our press relations.

Recent Work: Press Room

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