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ESPC submits comments on CRTC's new CASL guidelines

ESPC files comments for FTC's Dot Com Disclosure Workshop

ESPC publishes Data Security Best Practices
September 19, 2011

ESPC files comments on Canada's Electronic Commerce Protection Regulations with Industry Canada and the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission
September 9, 2011

Comments to CRTC
Comments to Industry Canada

ESPC Files Comments on FTC Staff's Preliminary Privacy Report, Urges Commission to Exempt Service Providers and Small Businesses and to Reconsider "Commonly Accepted Practices" Framework
February 18, 2011

ESPC comments on Indiana Child Registry Bill, Cautions legislators on serious safety risks for kids
February 18, 2011

ESPC to Adopt Suppression File Encryption
April 23, 2009

Consumers Savvy About Managing Email According to ESPC Survey Results; Embrace Numerous Tools and Methods to Manage Spam Reporting and Unsubscribing
March 27, 2007

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Issues Reputation Position Statement
April 18, 2006

Email Authentication Hits the Mainstream as the Largest Internet Service Providers Authenticate Messages
April 18, 2006

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition Announces Intensive Deliverability Boot Camp
March 21, 2006

Six Leading Associations File Amicus Brief Raising Serious Legal Concerns with Utah Child Protection Registry
January 26, 2005

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Updates Email Marketing Pledge and Issues Best Practices Guide
December 13, 2005

Leading Email Association Broadens Industry Focus
December 5, 2005

Over 70% of Fortune 100 Companies Authenticating Email Messages through Email Service Providers
November 9, 2005

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Issues Email Authentication Position Statement at INBOX West 2005
June 1, 2005

ESPC and Industry Continues Drive Toward E-Mail Authentication
May 11, 2005

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Opens Its Doors to Industry Leaders Beyond Email Service Providers
April 13, 2005

Eight Members of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition to Discuss Email Authentication Standards at FTC Summit
November 4, 2004

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition Continues Support of Sender ID Email Authentication Framework
August 31, 2004

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition and Microsoft to Conduct Sender ID Summit
August 5, 2004

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition Focuses on Third-Party Accreditation, Reputation, and Accountability Services
May 25, 2004

Three Influential Industry Organizations Strongly Oppose Proposed Do-Not-Email Registry
April 13, 2004

ESPC, IAB, and TRUSTE Announce Email Marketing Pledge
Three Leading Interactive Associations Definitively State That Unsolicited Commercial Email Must Not Be Sent
October 22, 2003

IRONPORT SYSTEMS™ Bonded Sender™ Powers Email Sender and Provider Coalition Effort in Email Authentication
IronPort System's Bonded Sender Program First to Conform to Spam Eradication Standard in Accordance with ESPC Project Lumos Blueprint
October 20, 2003

The Email Sender and Provider Coalition Unveils Project Lumos Technical Architecture for Eradicating Spam
Details of Proposed Registry in New White Paper; Calls for Secure Sender Identity and Reputation Service for All High-Volume Senders
September 29, 2003

Email Sender and Provider Coalition Announces Technology Blueprint-Code Named 'Project Lumos'-Designed to Eradicate Spam
With over 40% of email traffic currently being reported as spam - and that number expected to rise - one organization is proposing a new initiative to combat the problem. The Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC), formed by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) to provide unique and effective spam-fighting solutions, announced a blueprint for a technical architecture to eradicate spam.
April 23, 2003

Industry Leaders from the Email Sender and Provider Coalition to Address Spam Challenges at ISPCON and FTC Spam Forum
Industry leaders from the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) will be discussing the ever-growing spam epidemic as part of several panels and keynote presentations at ISPCON Spring 2003 and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Spam Forum.
April 21, 2003

Consumer Forum Launched to Report Missing Email: I_Did_Not_Get_My_Email
The forum provides an easy way for consumers to post information about false positives, that is, non-spam messages that have been inadvertently blocked.
February 18, 2003

NAI Email Sender and Provider Coalition Formed
A coalition - which includes 19 of the leading email service providers -- has been formed to provide solutions to the spam problem and protect the appropriate use of permission-based email as a marketing and business communication tool.
January 21, 2003

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